More About Us
Below is more about how we can partner.
How we work
We work with our clients in different scenarios.
When clients know their exact requirements

Here we help clients with our technical skills to bring their imagination to reality.

When clients know their requirements but not all the specifications

Here we help clients with our requirement defining skills and further utilize our design and technology skills to deliver the best in class work.

When clients want to apply design & technology but have no time to think how and where

Here we help clients by defining a complete design & technology strategy, identify the opportunities to apply them to uplift the brand and grow their business.

- This one is our personal favorite as it gives us total freedom to innovate and be exceptionally creative!

This is unfortunately an important aspect for survival.

To be able to survive and to comply with commercial practices of our clients we offer 2 major options:

1. Project Basis

Each project is estimated separately.

This is suitable for one time and big projects, where requirements can be frozen before starting the work.

2. Retainer

We charge an hourly fee and clients buy a minimum number of monthly hours.

This is suitable for frequent small assignments and for big projects with ongoing maintenance.

Further we offer different location and outsourcing options to suit our client’s requirement:

Location options
1. Offsite

The normal way of working in which we work from our office.

2. Onsite

In this option we deploy our resources to work in our client’s office, part time or full time.

Outsourcing options
1. Completely outsourced

The normal way of working when a project is completely handled by us.

2. Partially outsourced

In this option we lead/guide existing team of our client.

What we like
We take heart and work.
It is our nature to be different.

Major chunk of our profit comes from the satisfaction and joy of creation. We believe this is the only way to the outstanding craft, for if we limit it to fees – we might not be able to use our full creative capacity.

We work on selected projects and with selected clients. We enjoy working with our clients who have a good aesthetic sense, a vision for technology, a liking for innovation; and who are highly responsive + proactive, avoiding breaks in our creative pulse!