Back Home

naming, branding, web
November - 2011
The hospitality services company, aimed at providing accommodation to students and employees far from home while ensuring a comfortable and homely experience, was given a name that perfectly embodied the brand's motive. The logo features a turtle carrying its home on its back, symbolizing the idea of feeling at home wherever one goes. The turtle's shell is cleverly composed of hexagons, not only lending a corporate look but also becoming a prominent design element across their brochures, website uniform designs. These hexagons, known for their structural strength, further convey the message of a constant and secure roof over the guests' heads. The overall logo design successfully captures the essence of the brand's mission - to provide a home-like experience to their guests, no matter where they may be.
Naming and Branding for Back Home
Naming and Branding for Back Home
Naming and Branding for Back Home
T-shirt design for Back Home
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