brochure design
July - 2020
For a security surveillance installation brand, the founders of which were involved in various activities for the safety and security of women, children, and all, we had been given the responsibility of designing their brochure. The primary goal was to make it informative while keeping the design high-tech. To achieve this, we strategically incorporated sharp geometric shapes that exude a modern and tech-savvy feel. We smartly highlighted the important rights or activities undertaken by the founder couple, ensuring that their dedication to safety and security was prominently showcased. The edge of a few pages also features a surveillance camera to reinforce their business focus and expertise. The color scheme of yellow and blue was chosen to make the brochure impactful while maintaining a serious tone. Yellow signifies energy and attention, drawing the reader's focus to important information, while blue represents trust, reliability, and security, aligning with the brand's core values.
Brochure design for Enhansafe
Brochure design for Enhansafe
Brochure design for Enhansafe
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