web, environmental graphic design
2016 - 2021
The Mumbai-based real estate company, Raiaskaran, approached us for our expertise in creating captivating and appealing environment graphics. As they are a large company with numerous smaller projects, we took on the responsibility of crafting graphics, standees, and posters for all of them. With a keen eye for detail, we carefully curated slogans and messages while maintaining a consistent design language. Our creativity extended to producing graphics relevant to festivals and specific themes for their social media handles. Additionally, we designed sleek coasters for their project 'Parthenon', ensuring a clean, simple, and corporate look. Our dedication to delivering engaging designs reflected the essence of the company's vision and left a lasting impact on its audience.
Designing for Raiaskaran
Designing for Raiaskaran
Designing for Raiaskaran
Standees design for Raiaskaran
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