Seasons mall

Naming, Branding
July - 2010
When we were tasked with naming a mall that aimed to revolutionize the heart of Pune, we ingeniously settled on the name "SEASONS”. This name perfectly encapsulated the essence of the mall, signifying an ever-changing yet constant experience. Drawing inspiration from the Swastika, the Seasons logo was thoughtfully designed, emphasizing symmetry and simplicity, with four seasons converging harmoniously to form a unified whole which also interestingly formed the letter 'S'. The colour palette thoughtfully represented the distinctive colours each season brings. The result - A name & logo that is a masterpiece of creativity, standing the test of time.
Stationety design for Seasons Mall
Hoarding Design for Seasons Mall
Parking Ticket Design for Seasons Mall, Pune
T-shirt Design for Seasons Mall, Pune
Advertisement Design for Seasons Mall, Pune
Logo Design for Seasons Mall, Pune
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