Uptown Villas

naming, branding, print, environment
May - 2017
When this real estate company approached us, they were starting from scratch. However, after our naming, logo design, and marketing collateral designs, they achieved tremendous success by instantly selling all their plots. We chose the name 'Uptown Villas' combining 'Uptown' to represent a residential area and 'Villas' to signify their bungalow plotting business. Our innovative approach led us to intelligently craft the letters 'W' and "N' together in the logo, creating a new identity that not only represented houses but also the hilly landscape where the plots would be situated. This inspiration guided us to use the colors green and blue, creating a visual identity that set them apart from their competitors. The result was a striking and distinctive brand that resonated with its target audience, portraying a sense of luxury and serenity.
Branding for Uptown Villas
Branding for Uptown Villas
Branding for Uptown Villas
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