Yogya App

naming, branding, ui design
November - 2016
The in-house app, inspired by the concept of 'yogya' meaning 'the right choice', aims to guide users in making appropriate food choices according to Ayurveda for different seasons. The logo elegantly captures this essence with a depiction of an apple, symbolizing the right and balanced food selection. The name is artfully written in a calligraphic style of the Devanagari script, reflecting the app's connection to traditional Ayurvedic principles. The combination of the apple and the Devanagari script creates a visually appealing and culturally significant logo that aligns perfectly with the app's purpose. Overall, the logo design beautifully represents the app's focus on providing users with the right dietary choices based on Ayurvedic wisdom, ensuring a harmonious and healthy lifestyle throughout the changing seasons. Interesting icons for each section were also created along with a clean and minimal UI design.
Branding and UI design for mobile app Yogya
Branding and UI design for mobile app Yogya
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